CINEBOOK Thorgal tome 5 - the land of qa - en anglais

The Land of Qa: Kriss de Valnor, the deadly warrior-woman and Thorgal's arch enemy, has Thorgal's and Aaricia's son abducted. She demands that Thorgal and Aaricia go on a quest to find the magical mask if they want to save their son.The Eyes of Tanatloc: Thorgal's son Jolan, prisoner in the kingdom of Xinjin, meets the God Tanatloc. Tanatloc, at the end of his life, reacts strangely when Jolan speaks Thorgal's name...This two-volume book includes «The Eyes of Tanatloc».Correspond au tome 10 français: Le pays Qâ et au tome 11 français: Les yeux de Tanatloc

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