NYU Press Keywords for Disability Studies

Keywords for Disability Studies aims to broaden and define the conceptual framework of disability studies readers practitioners in field beyond. The volume engages some of most pressing debates of our time, such as


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Bloomsbury Academic Food Words

Food Words is a series of provocative essays on some of the most important keywords in emergent field of food studies, focusing on current controversies and on going debates. like 'choice' 'convenience' are often used


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Princeton Digital Keywords

In the age of search, keywords increasingly organize research, teaching, and even thought itself. Inspired by Raymond Williams's 1976 classic Keywords, timely collection Digital gathers pointed, provocative short ess


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American Dental Association Internet Marketing

Explains marketing options unique to dental practices. Covers SEO, keywords, and algorithms in digital marketing, choosing the right social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Yelp, Google other sites,


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Routledge The British Raj: Keywords

For two hundred years India was the jewel in British imperial crown. During course of governing Raj a number of words came to have particular meanings in lexicon. This book documents and terms that


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SAGE Publications Ltd Keywords in Qualitative Methods

An essential companion for students across the social and health sciences, this text provides a wide ranging coverage of qualitative methods complemented by extended illustration from array of academic disciplines in which research


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Springer Semantic Keyword Based Search on Structured Data Sources

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post conference proceedings of Third COST Action IC1302 International KEYSTONE Conference on Semantic Keyword Based Search on Structured Data Sources, IKC 2017, held in Gdansk, Poland, in September


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Routledge Humanisation?

Unquenched desire, the dividing up of drives, repetition, and symptom are keywords for effects that unconscious, as deciphered by Freud, has on body. Harmony is not on agenda, but rather discordance, unlinking, arro


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Lexington Books Resource Curse and Post Soviet Eurasia

By the end of 2000s, term 'resource curse' had become so widespread that it turned into a kind of magic keyword, not only in scholarly language of social sciences, but also in discourse of politicians, commentators and anal


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Wiley Blackwell New Keywords

Over 25 years ago, Raymond Williams' Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society set the standard for how we understand use language of culture society. Now, three luminaries in field of cultural studies have assembled a


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